About LSA


LSA Legal Consultancy is first and foremost a business-oriented legal consultancy, applying a unique business perspective to clients' needs. We make it our first priority to know the context in which you do business - your market, your competitors, your industry.  Our partners’ individual business experience, both within and outside the practice of law is what sets us apart from conventional firms comprised of lawyers and management consultants who’ve never put their own funds at risk in a business venture.

Because we understand your business, you can rely on LSA for legal solutions that fit your unique circumstances. Leading companies think globally, and we understand the challenges and opportunities of the global marketplace. To compete around the world, businesses must enter new markets, establish joint ventures overseas, and navigate international law. With licensed practitioners on two continents and solution partners around the globe, LSA offers access to local legal experience virtually anywhere in the world.

Our deep experience, enforced by a formidable corporate litigation team, allows us to resolve our clients' toughest challenges: multi-faceted mergers, sophisticated contracts, as well as complex and acrimonious disputes.